Building Maintenance Task Force

To make annual (or as needed) recommendations to the Board as to the upkeep/repair of the Association office.

Committee Members

  • Jason Beal – Chairman
  • Jason Beal-Director Liaison
  • Deb Hansen – Staff Liaison
  • Bruce Tanhoff
  • Rich Draheim
Building Maintenance Task Force

Golf Outing Task Force

To provide a social event bringing RASM Members and Affiliates together for social interaction and enjoyment

Committee Members

  • Dick Norland –Director Liaison
  • Chad Luscomb- Chairman
  • Pam Hill – Staff Liaison
  • Alyssa Moffitt
  • Jeremy Kolars
  • Amber Bruender
  • Kim Weise
  • Chris Harstad
  • Jillian Cousins

Golf Outing 2018

Golf Outing 2017

Golf Outing 2016

Governmental Affairs Committee

To keep membership informed on local/county ordinance issues and provide input as needed to safeguard real estate interests of the membership and public.

Committee Members

  • Deb Drummer- Chairman
  • Jim Pfau
  • Jeff Kaul – Director Liaison
  • Chris Thomas
  • Jason Beal
  • Dick Norland
  • Deb Hansen – Staff Liaison
Governmental Affairs Committee

Landscape Task Force

The upkeep of the landscaping outside of the Association building.

Committee Members

  • Cheryl Lustig – Chairman
  • Laurie Cottingham – Director Liaison
  • Pam Hill – Staff Liaison
  • Kendy Bibbs
  • Bruce Tanhoff
  • Steve Csizmadia
  • Lorri Rieff
  • Molly Schroeder
  • Gretchen Sadaka

Member Engagement/ Affiliate Committee

Provide networking opportunities for all membership of RASM. Facilitate all member events and programs.

Committee Members

  • Judy Meyer –Chairman
  • Chris Thomas – Director Liaison
  • Pam Hill – Staff Liaison
  • Jenniver Svien
  • Pauline Kruger
  • Becky Wilson
  • Dar Vosburg
  • Lorri Rieff
  • Jenny Schmidt
  • Megan Smith
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MLS Committee

To ensure the MLS is used for its purpose to facilitate cooperation, compensation and professionalism of broker/agent participants.

Committee Members

  • Ken Skaare- Chairman/Board Liaison
  • Stephanie Jacobson
  • Chad Luscomb
  • Deb Drummer
  • Nicholas Nathe
  • Anthony White
  • Angie Van Eman Riley
  • Jennifer Wettergren Letourneau
  • Vonda Herding
  • Jen True
  • Erik Jensen
  • Jackie Dawald
  • Jenny Simon – Staff Liaison
MLS Committee

Professional Development Task Force

To raise the bar in Real Estate Professionalism and Ethical Standards.

Committee Members

  • Jason Beal – Instructor
  • Laurie Cottingham –  Board Liaison
  • Patti Pherson
  • Pam Hill – Staff Liaiso
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