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Instructor: Mike Brennan
By attending this 3.75 hour course, learners will be exposed to the complexities of completing a real property Purchase Contract. As a buyer and seller review the paperwork for the purchase and sale of real estate, there are many complex concepts a licensee needs to share, discuss and guide the consumer through. By attending this class, students will complete a templated Purchase Contract and gain insights into describing the clauses and covenants to their consumers in an easy-to-understand manner.  

Instructor: Mike Brennan
By attending this 3.75 hour class, licensees will learn how to help inexperienced first-time homebuyers, this course will provide you with the necessary foundation to serve this unique population. First-time homebuyers often rely heavily on agents’ expertise, and many feel overwhelmed, intimidated, and fearful of the prospect of buying a home. Your knowledge and calm influence can lead them toward their goal of homeownership, step by step. In this course we’ll explore the key characteristics of this niche market, how to cultivate relationships with these buyers, and how to prepare them for the transaction ahead.

Instructor: Mike Brennan
Upon completion of this course students will be able to: Review agency relationship options – Learn fiduciary duties to clients and customers as required in Minnesota – Receive an update on RESPA rules and how RESPA applies to marketing services agreements – Receive an update on the requirements under the new RESPA-TILA Integrated Disclosure form – Review the Uniform Condominium Act and the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act, the different types of properties covered, disclosure obligations and other rights – Learn about Fair Housing Laws, their history and protected classes – Learn about prohibited actions under fair housing laws – Receive resources for working with first time buyers and struggling homeowners. This class requires a test.


Recurring Requirements for members:

  1. Each Licensee must complete 30 hours of approved continuing education within the 2 years prior to renewal. At least 15 of these hours must be completed within the first year of the two-year period.
  2.  Code of Ethics: This is a membership requirement of the National Association of REALTORS® not the DOC for license renewal. This course must be taken within the 3 year cycle set by NAR. *REALTOR® Emeritus members are not required to complete this course.
  3. One hour of Agency and one hour of Fair Housing must be completed within the 2 year licensing period.
  4. Each year, REALTOR® Members must complete the Required Module (topic set by the DOC). This class requires passing a test at the end of the course.

The REALTOR® Association of Southern MN is committed to providing current, quality continuing education to our Members. With few exceptions, our live CE classes are free to RASM REALTOR® Members.

Online Education

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